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Desert Trucks has proudly served Arizona for the past eight years. Our dealership offers the highest-quality pre-owned vehicles at the best possible prices. The first thing you notice is our low pressure style. Purchasing a vehicle at Desert Trucks takes just a few hours – not a full day. We don’t wear you down. With our skilled sales staff and our wide variety of financing options, we’ll help you get the vehicle you want at the great price you deserve. We offer finance options to all customers, those with good credit and those rebuilding credit. We GUARANTEE your finance approval.

Credit Union Financing: First, our good credit customers get the very lowest payments financing through one of our 40 Credit Unions. Credit Unions won’t allow dealers to increase your interest rate to increase their profit. You want Credit Union financing and can qualify with credit scores as low as 585.

2nd-chance Banks: Secondly, we offer the very best 2nd-chance banks for those customers rebuilding credit. We only offer the very best subprime lending that doesn’t require fees and offer the longest terms. You will be amazed at the financing we can offer you. Credit scores from 500 to 585 fit in this category. On our Home Page, you can apply online without giving your social security number for instant approval and it won’t affect your score.

Buy-Here-Pay-Here: Finally, there are a few customers that don’t fit in the above categories. For these good customers we offer in-house financing or Buy-Here-Pay-Here options. Consequently, we can guarantee credit approval for any customer as long as they have a good job. The advantage of our Buy-Here-Pay-Here options is we report your on-time payments to the bureaus so that you can improve your credit score. Additionally, this option includes a low-priced warranty so you don’t have to worry about expensive auto repairs as long as you are making your payments. Purchasing at Desert Trucks can move you into a much lower interest rate in a very short time. On our Home Page, you can apply online without giving your social security number for your down payment and instant approval without affecting your score.

Out-of-state Buying Program: We sell about 15% of our vehicles to customers outside of Arizona due to our outstanding Out-of-state Buying Program to customers that want our low-priced rust-free vehicles. In short this program allows for a 3rd party inspection from a nearby facility that guarantees their results. You choose what you want inspected and guaranteed. We also provide most affordable transport options.

Browse our inventory online. If you see a vehicle you like you can get pre-qualified without affecting your credit. It takes only a couple minutes and your approval is guaranteed as long as you have a good job.


Mark Haugland
Mark Haugland

General Manager


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